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Are you looking for a new kit with an awesome design, to match your awesome team?

Are you searching for jerseys for your corporate team that represent your company's brand and values?

Tired of renewing your uniform every season as the printed logos and numbers peel off?

Whether you are the captain of your league team, the coach of a school team, or the employer of a corporate team,

Kipsta Club is your best option for jerseys that will give your team the identity it deserves.

Our Origin

Kipsta Club, born in France in 2012, is now taking over the fields and courts across China.

Our Product

The service is split into two offers: Kipsta Custom and Kipsta Training & Textile.

  • Kipsta Custom

    Kipsta Custom teamwear are all produced using sublimation printing, which means all designs and markings are in the fabric, instead of printed on top, guaranteeing a more breathable, and long-lasting set.

  • Kipsta Training & Textile

    Kipsta Training & Textile offers everything your team may need to compliment your jerseys, from warm-up textiles and training bibs, to bags, balls and cones. Some of these styles can be personalized to add your logos and player information.

How to Customize

The main offer, Kipsta Custom, is created to let teams design their own, high-quality, custom basketball or football kits.

in 4 easy steps:

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    We provide plenty of classic designs of kits, which will help your create the ideal teamwear.

  • 2

    With our configurator, you can change color, add text/logo, set up the style of name and number.

  • 3

    Fulfill your players' information, such as name, number and size.

  • 4

    Delivery in 2 weeks.

Why pick Kipsta Club?

  • A trusted brand

  • Ease of use

  • Quality guaranteed

  • Affordable

  • Professional

A trusted brand-You know Decathlon, and you know that we provide quality goods, at great prices.

Ease of use-You can log-on to our webpage at anytime, and complete your order at your own pace. No mix-ups over what logo goes where, or which player gets what number and size.

Quality guaranteed-We stand behind our products, so if anything is not right we will strive to fix it. Sublimation is a technology which is creates very high quality printing, does not peel the way screen printing does, and feels very smooth against the skin.

Affordable- Fully customized products, using technical fabrics, for an affordable price.

Professional-Get the same professional look that our sponsored teams have.